18 March 2021


  • Only two days left! Spring is coming! 

  • Dacia is taking to the streets this springtime to celebrate in true form the arrival of Spring, the electric revolution for all. 

  • Electric mobility is no longer a niche product with the most affordable electric vehicle on the European market, "exclusively for everyone".  

  • Dacia Spring pre-orders open on March 20, the first day of spring. 


Agile, robust, spacious, with an all-electric engine and a range of 230 km WLTP (305 km WLTP city), Dacia Spring ushers in a new era, one where electric mobility is accessible to all. It is the most affordable electric vehicle on the European market.  

To celebrate this revolution, it was only natural for DACIA to lock in the first day of spring for the opening of pre-orders, available online from March 20, 2021, but also: 

  • To take to the road with a group of street artists to spread the word that #SpringIsComing 

  • To kick off a fun and colourful ad campaign unveiling electric mobility for all.  

Exclusively for everyone 


Because it is possible to be both fun and essential, Dacia and Publicis Conseil have devised a colourful ad campaign that reminds everyone about the brand’s philosophy of making taking the essence of cars and making it accessible to all. 

Filmed in Madrid by James F. Coton on Noëm’s cover of “Mad World,” the ad shows two parallel worlds, side by side, one not judging the other: one ultra-exclusive, and the other inclusive with Dacia. 

The slogan: “ALL-NEW DACIA SPRING. All-electric. Exclusively for all (Exclusively inclusive)" because certain things should be universal accessible, that includes electric cars. 

The ad campaign is once again a rule breaker and helps position Dacia as the brand to shake up automotive. As the brand that, quite simply, gives the essentials. 

The advertising video will be available on Dacia media website on March 20. 

#SpringIsComing. The electric revolution is on its way!  

Dacia is also heading off on a tour of several major European cities to take back the asphalt, as part of a #SpringIsComing event co-organized with PR experts Hopscotch. As all great change comes from the streets, Dacia has teamed up with socially minded street artists to give mobility a blast of liberating air. All-electric mobility that is finally available to all, thanks to Dacia Spring. 

Dacia will unveil the original works of five inspiring street artists who have decorated the streets of Paris, Madrid, Milan, and Bucharest.  

This March 20, the general public will be able to connect to Dacia’s social networks to check out the inspiring works by the talented artists, all known for their commitment to promoting art that is free of all constraints: William Roden (Paris), Media ODV (Madrid), Nicola Canarecci (Milan) and Sweet Damage Crew (Bucarest). 

Over the following weeks, residents of Paris, Madrid, and Berlin can scour the pavement for one of the 150 ‘clean tags’ peppered throughout their home cities. Each tag will shed light on one of the main features of the All-New Dacia Spring. By scanning the QR code straight off the pavement, pedestrians will access a full overview of the most affordable electric vehicle in Europe, and for the extra keen, they can even place a Dacia Spring pre-order. 

Discover the stunt on our mediawebsite on March 20th.

Dacia is a Groupe Renault brand, present in 44 countries, mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Born in Romania in 1968, the brand was purchased by Groupe Renault and re-launched in 2004 with Logan. Dacia offers the best value for money on the market. Having leveraged its iconic models – Logan, Sandero, and Duster – the brand has been a commercial success. To date, Dacia has sold more than 7 million vehicles. 

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