01 October 2018

Sales results France 2018: Groupe Renault records its best volume performance in 8 years

  • In the first nine months of 2018, Groupe Renault passenger car + light commercial vehicle (PC + LCV) registrations increased by 6.5% to 531,541 units, the best volume in 8 years.

  • In PC, Renault achieved its best volume performance since 2011. Dacia beats a new sales record and takes third place in the market for PCs sold to private customers.

  • Clio remains the best-selling vehicle in France and ZOE is the leader on the electric PC market.


Boulogne-Billancourt, 01/10/2018 - Over the first nine months of 2018, the Groupe Renault benefited fully from the dynamics of the French automotive market (+6.3%), with passenger car + light commercial registrations up 6.5%, or 531,107 vehicles sold, and a 26.6% market share, up 0.1 point.


Passenger cars (PC)

With 428,768 passenger cars registered at the end of September (+7.5%), the Groupe Renault recorded its best sales volume since 2010. Both brands increased in volume with the Dacia brand, which broke a new sales record.


Renault achieved its best PC performance in 7 years, with 319,746 registrations (+3.2%). The brand is the leader in the French market. Dacia, with 108,234 vehicles registered (+21.3%), once again beat its sales record and strengthened its 4th place in the market. The brand even occupies 3rd place in the market for passenger cars sold to private customers. Sandero is the undisputed number 1 in sales in this market.


On the product side, Clio remains a solid leader in the PC market. Captur (5th), Sandero (6th), Mégane (9th) and Duster (10th) complete the top 10 in the PC market. Twingo, Clio, Talisman and Espace are leaders in their respective segments. ZOE remains the benchmark in the electric vehicle market, with 10,840 registrations at the end of September and close to 54% of the market.


Light commercial vehicles (LCV)

The Renault brand, the historical market leader, recorded its best volume in 10 years in the first nine months of the year. Sales volumes increased by 3% to 101,786 units.

Renault placed 3 vehicles in the top 5 with Kangoo in first place, Master 3rd and Clio 4th.
Kangoo Z.E. is the undisputed leader in the utility electric market with a market share close to 64%. Sales volumes increased by 64.6%.

"The French market, despite an expected slowdown in September, remains at a sustained level for the first nine months. Groupe Renault was able to take full advantage of this growth. The global impact of the automotive industry, the arrival in our ranges of new, more efficient and more fuel-efficient engines and the constant commitment of our network allow us to look forward to the last part of the year with confidence," said Philippe Buros, Renault Group Sales Director France.
  September 2018 alone
  Volume vs. Y-1 (%) Market share (%) vs. Y-1 (pt)
TIV PC + LCV 183,390 -11.1    
TIV PC 148,752 -12.8    
TIV LCV 34,638 -2.6    
Groupe Renault PC+LCV 48,382 -14.9 26.4 -1.2
Groupe Renault PC 37,489 -17.8 25.2 -1.5
Groupe Renault LCV 10,893 -3.2 31.4 -0.2
Renault brand PC+LCV 38,904 -18.8 21.2 -2
Renault brand PC 28,111 -23.5 18.9 -2.6
Renault brand LCV 10,793 -3.3 31.2 -0.2
Dacia brand PC+LCV 9,453 +5.6 5.2 +0.8
Dacia brand PC 9,353 +5.5 6.3 +1.1
Dacia brand LCV 100 +12.4 0.3 0


  Overall January-September 2018
  Volume vs. Y-1 (%) Market share (%) vs. Y-1 (pt)
TIV PC + LCV 1,998,973 +6.2    
TIV PC 1,662,684 +6.5    
TIV LCV 336,289 +4.8    
Groupe Renault PC+LCV 531,541 +6.5 26.6 +0.1
Groupe Renault PC 428,768 +7.5 25.8 +0.2
Groupe Renault LCV 102,773 +2.8 30.6 -0.6
Renault brand PC+LCV 421,532 +3.2 21.1 -0.6
Renault brand PC 319,746 +3.2 19.2 -0.6
Renault brand LCV 101,786 +3 30.3 -0.5
Dacia brand PC+LCV 109,221 +20.9 5.5 +0.7
Dacia brand PC 108,234 +21.3 6.5 +0.8
Dacia brand LCV 987 -9.7 0.3 0

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