19 February 2014

Risk prevention: Cléon management undertakes specific commitments

Following the suicide of a maintenance technician on April 22, 2013, the management hired Technologia, an independent health and safety risk assessment consultancy, to investigate working conditions at the plant. Technologia’s findings and recommendations were delivered today to representatives of management and labor.


Mendi Ammad , managing director of the Cléon plant, said, “ The suicide of an employee is a tragedy that affects all of us at the plant. Initially our efforts went to supporting the family. Then we channeled our resources into understanding what might have influenced the employee’s action. More broadly, we wanted to assess working conditions at our site and improve risk prevention. During the assessment that was conducted, some employees reported feeling under pressure. That’s a strong signal. We will do everything we can to change that perception. Workplace well-being – both actual and as perceived by our employees – are not optional; they are fundamental to the success of the plant. We have therefore undertaken specific commitments to improve quality of life in the workplace .”


Based on Technologia’s recommendations, three major policies were decided at the health & safety coordination committee meeting:

1) Facilitate interaction to break down barriers: This entails creating opportunities for quality interaction at three levels: between employees; between employees and their direct managers (e.g. informal breakfast meetings where employees can discuss issues); and between employees and senior managers (staff meetings). It also involves recreating a friendly atmosphere at the plant, by recognizing achievements on a more regular basis, and by organizing festive events in the teams.

2) Pay more attention to the specific nature of night work: A helpful booklet for night workers will be given to each team member. They will also be given an interview before and at the end of their period of night work.

3) Improve training of managers and health & safety committee members: All managers and health & safety committee members will be trained to identify and support people in difficulty. This training supplements existing training, particularly that delivered across the company under the management quality plan.

The coordination committee meeting also agreed to hold discussion meetings on quality of life at the plant, and to continue to seek Technologia’s support and advice on implementation of the actions.

A joint committee will review progress on these actions on a monthly basis.

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