11 May 2011

Renault partners “decade of action for road safety” initiative by the United Nations

  • Renault has worked constantly over the last 50 years to improve road safety in all its operating countries. With its considerable expertise, Renault is lending its full support to the “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020” global initiative launched today by the United Nations.
  • Renault has planned a number of road safety initiatives, including the renewal today of Renault’s partnership with the “10 de Conduite Jeune” driving program for young people and the upcoming launch of an education and research chair with Saint Joseph University in Beirut.


Considering that road accidents will be the number-three cause of death worldwide by 2020, the UN has announced its ambition to save five million lives in the coming decade. Renault is supporting the efforts of the UN by continuing existing actions and launching new operations nationally and internationally.


Raising the awareness of drivers and future drivers on a lasting basis

Renault works to raise awareness of driving rules and correct behavior at a number of levels. This commitment applies both internally, with the Group providing employees with forums and training on road risks, and externally, where the company targets young people in particular. The “10 de Conduite Jeune” program has for over 15 years helped to inform middle and high school students on traffic rules. Some 120,000 young people have already had practical training in dual-control vehicles supplied by Renault.

Renault’s “Safety for All” program, celebrating its 10 th anniversary this year, has trained more than 12 million youngsters. Quite simply, it is the largest road safety awareness campaign ever carried out by a carmaker. The international final of the competition will be held on May 27 at the Technocentre in Guyancourt near Paris, bringing together elementary school pupils from several countries including Turkey, Bulgaria and Portugal.


Innovating continuously to make the Renault range ever safer

Passenger protection is a key priority for Renault, which develops complementary technologies to prevent accidents and to protect occupants if accidents do happen. This is true of the FIX4 SURE system, a set of technologies applied to all seats to minimize stomach injuries by reducing submarining to a maximum. In the field of preventive technologies, Renault was the first automaker to develop 4Control for enhanced trajectory control and vehicle speed. The company will shortly be upgrading its driving aid system with “Visio System”, extended sight aid technology that warns drivers of possible accident situations such as lane changes and reduced night visibility.


Strengthening ties with all road safety players

Road safety for Renault is a key issue in public health. As such, it is vital to work closely together with public authorities, research bodies and all stakeholders in civil society. In France, Renault provides firefighters with hundreds of vehicles a year so that they can train in real-life conditions, making them more effective and ensuring their own safety. Renault also supplies them with technical information sheets on how best to cut open a car to remove passengers.

Internationally, and particularly in countries with fast-growing vehicle populations, Renault is working to help the authorities build databases on accident analysis – an essential step in controlling road risk. It is in this spirit that Renault, in partnership with Saint Joseph University in Beirut, is to launch an education and research chair on road safety. To be created in a few months’ time, the chair is open to all countries in the Maghreb and the Middle East.


Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault

“We must work on all available levers to make the world's roads safer. This is why Renault is an active member of the Global Road Safety Partnership, an organization that brings together governments, the private sector and civil society to address road safety issues especially in emerging countries where around 90 percent of all traffic deaths and injuries currently occur. Collaboration with all stakeholders is thus a key success factor to making the Decade of Action effective.”

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