12 June 2012

Renault launches road safety month in June!

Holistic approach to road safety

Because nearly 1.3 million people are killed every year on the world’s roads, Renault is supporting the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety, aimed at reducing the number of road accident victims by 50% between now and 2020. Renault is positioned as a responsible player and has long led an active road safety policy adapted to social aspects in different regions of the world. The policy covers more than just car safety, in the form of R&D investments made to develop some of the safest vehicles on the market at affordable prices; it also addresses all the facets of the problem, including preventing and correcting any faults, protecting users, raising the awareness of all generations (because 80% of accidents are due to human factors), and, lastly, saving lives.

Education for 7 to 77 year olds

The “Safety and Mobility for All” educational program has for 11 years helped to raise the awareness of 13 million elementary and high school goers in 35 countries, with the distribution of 580,000 teaching resources. At the final of the “YOUR Ideas, YOUR Initiatives” at the Paris Science and Industry Museum on June 8, 150 young people met up to talk about their projects on road safety and sustainable mobility.

Every year, the “10 de conduite jeune” program with Groupama, Total and France’s Gendarmerie Nationale informs and educates 14,000 young people at educational establishments across France on road safety. It initiates 15-18 year olds on accompanied driving on a secure circuit and teaches them about risky behavior (drugs, alcohol, speed, irresponsible driving).

We are rolling out special training for senior drivers with the French Driving School (ECF),” says Dr. Jean-Yves Le Coz, Road Safety Expert Leader at the Renault group. “The idea is to help them to become aware of any driving problems they may have and adapt their driving style in kind. Unlike other European countries, senior drivers in France are not obliged to have a medical examination. This offer could be introduced on a large scale in the near future .”

During the Road Safety Month, Renault is reasserting the Renault Group Driver’s Charter with its 128,000 employees, encouraging them to become ambassadors of safe and responsible driving.

Sharing expertise and developing research
For students in higher education, the Renault Foundation launched a road safety teaching and research chair in early 2012, aimed at training experts in the Maghreb and Mashreq countries.
The Group is also working in emerging and transitioning countries, notably by supporting the Global Road Safety Partnership, of which Jean-Yves Le Coz is Vice Chairman. The GRSP leads initiatives in over 35 countries to share expertise and develop best practices.

Working with the emergency services
Renault works hand in hand with French firefighters, supplying them with vehicles, providing them with training vehicles (for disassembly and reassembly), and developing educational resources and a tablet app with information sheets on how to get accident victims out of different vehicles.

With the arrival of electric vehicles on the French market, Renault has co-developed emergency guides and organized training for firefighters and emergency services. It is currently working on an educational film for firefighters around the world.
Renault Tech designs, produces and sells vehicle conversions in line with customers’ needs. A Twizy adapted to the Paris firefighters brigade is currently being tested.

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