03 February 2017

Children and road safety – a priority for Renault

Renault will be exhibiting at the Secours Expo [Emergency Services Show] in Paris from February 2-4 to promote road safety, particularly for people with disabilities and children.

  • Renault is as committed as ever to road safety, with a special focus on protecting children.
  • Renault has supplied the Paris emergency services with three vehicles to demonstrate rescue and vehicle extrication techniques at the Secours Expo.
  • Renault is actively involved in providing information and training to emergency service operators in France and other countries.


Paris, February 3, 2017 – Renault is participating in the 2017 Secours Expo [Emergency Services Show]. Each year at Renault, we step up our commitment to the safety of occupants of our vehicles – adults, children and infants, in addition to people with disabilities. Yet the roads continue to claim victims year after year and some of these victims are especially fragile. There were nearly 3,500 road deaths in France alone in 2015 and 101 of these were children aged under 14. More than 1,800 children in this age group were hospitalised after sustaining road traffic injuries in 2015. 1

Building on its commitment to road safety, Renault is exhibiting a new SCENIC fitted with a range of appropriate restraint systems at the 2017 Secours Expo. The display model contains equipment designed to prevent road traffic injuries, especially among children and infants, and provide information about the effectiveness of our systems. Equipping cars with proper restraint systems and educating drivers in using these systems correctly are the keys to improving child safety.
Renault is also exhibiting a Kangoo which has been converted to accommodate people in wheelchairs and a Clio 4 fitted with crash test dummies representing children.
These three vehicles have been supplied to the Paris emergency services to allow them to practice and demonstrate rescue and vehicle extrication techniques for victims of serious road collisions. Demonstrations will take place at the Secours Expo.

Alexandre Rochatte, France’s deputy interministerial delegate for road safety, was invited by Renault on Friday, February 3 to watch a demonstration of a rescue operation involving children in a Kangoo by the Paris emergency services.

Renault and the SDIS78 departmental rescue and emergency services will give another presentation at 10am on February 4 on the risks of not installing children correctly in proper child restraints.

Renault’s involvement in the Secours Expo reinforces our initiatives aimed at emergency service organisations in order to:

  • Adapt the design of our vehicles and develop tools to facilitate the work of emergency service operators (e.g. ‘rescue code’ and ‘fireman access’).
  • Provide information to emergency service operators to allow them to respond to emergency calls more quickly and in complete safety (e.g. vehicle extrication fact sheets).
  • Train emergency service operators in France and other countries, in particular in electric vehicles. In 2016, Renault trained workers from Italy, Germany, Finland and Canada. Under this scheme, Renault also supplied 429 training vehicles to fire services in 2016.

All these initiatives aim to reduce emergency response times and thereby increase the chance of survival of people involved in road accidents.

For more information:

- Renault’s road safety initiatives:
- Rescue code:

1 : Direction de la sécurité et de la circulation routières [French road safety and traffic department]/French road crash statistics

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